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Tiny Tush *6 Pack*

Tiny Tush *6 Pack*

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Six(6) pack of four (4) ounces jars in ONE (1) flavor combination. Tiny tush are baked to order, handmade, and packaged with care. Spoons included!

Little Red Cheesecake

Red velvet cake, cheesecake filling, cream cheese frosting

Want S'more?

Graham cake, marshmallow creme filling, chocolate ganache, toasted marshmallow creme

Something Salty, Something Sweet

Chocolate cake, dulce de filling, dulce de leche buttercream, salted caramel drizzle, sea salt

Just Gimme Delite

Yellow cake, toasted coconut custard filling, chocolate ganache, dulce de leche buttercream

Triple Chocolate Threat

Chocolate cake, whipped chocolate ganache filling, chocolate buttercream

Vanilla! Where You Bean?

Vanilla cake, vanilla bean cream filling, vanilla buttercream

What's Up Peanut Butter Cup?

Chocolate cake, chocolate peanut butter ganache filling, peanut butter buttercream

Stylin' Strawberry Shorty

Yellow cake, freeze dried strawberries, strawberry preserve, vanilla buttercream

Cheese Caking Me Berry Crazy

Graham cracker cake, strawberry cheesecake filling, vanilla buttercream

Y.O.L.O - You Obviously Love Oreos

Cookies N Cream cake, Oreo Cream filling , Cookies N Cream buttercream


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