How It started

As a young girl, Rae always enjoyed the sweet smells coming from the kitchen during the holiday seasons.  Once big enough to see over the kitchen counter (with a little help from a step stool) she proclaimed herself the family baker.  Anytime a cake needed to be made, Rae made sure everyone knew they were not allowed to touch anything and that she had it covered.  Without even realizing it, she had fallen in love with baking.

Fast forward to her twenty's, and an era of cake television.  Rae became OBSESSED with a variety of shows which featured her life long love of cake.  Cake Boss. Aces of Cakes. Cupcake Wars.  Just to name a few.  Upon meeting a contestant from Cupcake Wars who she fan girled over, a realization came over her.  "People have careers doing this!"  After taking a workshop from the FABULOUS JazzyCakesLA, she was hooked for life.  Rae sought out all knowledge she could find on butter, flour, and frosting. She now lives by the motto, "I want to spend the rest of my life covered in sugar and flour."